Thursday, August 18, 2011

Expecting: The Home Streeeeetch

Yesterday marked a pretty big day for me. I hit 27 weeks and graduated to the third trimester. We also found out the gender of our baby.

It was a difficult decision. I had not wanted to have any ultrasounds with this pregnancy originally, but the fella really wanted to have one just "to make sure everything is okay". So we had one done at 16w6d and everything looked just fine. The last few weeks, however, I started to get really itchy to know this baby's gender. Of course, when I expressed my desire to the fella, he emphatically suggested that I go find out then. (He was never a big supporter of waiting until the birth). He was more than happy to plunk down the $70 to have an elective ultrasound done. He is in Alaska for a couple more months so we had him on speaker phone as the tech centered the transducer over the neatly folded fetus.

"It's a boy?" I asked, mistaking a shadow for a very large penis.

The tech pointed at some white smudges and said, "Those are labial folds. It's a girl."

I felt an overwhelmingly happy reaction that I had not been expecting.

"It's a GIRL!?" I shouted. I seriously shouted.

Shane was speechless.

We watched the shadows dance around some more. Baby girl was a reluctant participant in our uterine eavesdrop. The tech tried her darnedest to get a good face shot, but just like with our first scan, baby girl kept putting her hands by her face and in her mouth.

I walked out on cloud nine. My little girl. Don't get me wrong.. I would have been overjoyed with another boy, but it's a nice thought to have a girl and a boy and a few years before we go for number three.

The fella texted me as I was paying: I'm so happy with our little family 8) Have fun shopping 8(

I shared it with my mom, sister and cousin who had all come along for the show (did I mention they literally jumped and cheered at the "It's a girl" announcement? Such nerds...). We all had a good chuckle.

Anyway. This post is not all about my ultrasound (which, as it stands, I don't regret finding out :)
I am amazed at how fast this pregnancy is going. I am even more amazed at how good I feel compared to my pregnancy with my son. I guess maybe the huge differences in the pregnancies was one reason I was leaning toward 'girl' anyway.

I feel like, there are still several months before this baby is born. But, she could be here anytime in the next 10-14 weeks (give or take) and that is such a crazy thought... especially considering how many things I have left to do. It has come down to knitting and sewing, definitely some shopping, and some home birth supplies. My hospital transfer plan is in it's final stages and my freezer is slowly filling with meals for after the birth. We really need to think of a name for this little girl too.. We do have a shortening list but I'm just not in love with anything yet...

I keep waiting for time to grind to a halt. I imagine that will happen around 34 weeks. But if these next few months go as fast as my first two trimesters did (seriously.. the first trimester is but a blur at this point), I'll be holding my daughter (wow.. daughter...) before I can blink.

I am feeling a growing confidence and excitement for the impending birth. Many of my fears of earlier in the pregnancy are starting to dissipate. My breasts are larger now than they were when I was nursing Shrimpie. We are questioning whether taking Claritin my entire pregnancy and start of our breastfeeding relationship may have impacted my breasts... I plan to take goats rue starting at 35 weeks to address concerns of possible IGT. I will have lactation cookies on hand. And I am hopeful that Shrimpie will latch again... even if only a few times. I'm sure that will help with bringing in a good supply and give the new siblings a chance to bond eye to eye. (Hey, tandem nursers, aren't you jealous? I may just get to tandem nurse without having to nurse through a pregnancy! ;)

My biggest fear is a hospital transfer. I do not fear the pain. I don't fear the length of my labor or the presentation of my baby (although, I'm hopeful that Shrimpie's occiput posterior presentation is NOT something he hands down to his little sister... aww... little sister...).

I do feel that my hospital transfer plan leave plenty of room for empowerment on my part. I have an excellent advocate in my partner. And I trust my midwife is trusting of birth and will only suggest a transfer if absolutely necessary.

You know what else I fear? That first post-birth poop. Really. That was hell the first time.

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